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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S61 "Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002," Subscription database,
Ohio Department of Health 
2 S58 "Probate Court Records 1824-1865, Book 2"
Lorain County, Ohio 
3 S52 "Vital Records of Tyringham, to the Year 1850." Subscription database.
4 S194 100 Years of Trumbull County, Ohio, Marriages 1800-1900
Editors: Roberta Graves Hyde, Sally Bloomfield Mazer, Barbara Houser Layfield 
5 S131 1874-1978 Bicentennial Atlas of Portage County, Ohio
Cyrus T. Plough 
6 S103 A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut : with the time of their arrival...
Hinman, Royal Ralph, 
7 S134 A collection of family records w/biographical sketches...of various individuals bearing the name Dawson, or allied...
Compiled by Charles Carroll Dawson (b. 1833) 
8 S158 A family history : recording the ancestors of Russell Snow Hitchcock : this includes the ancestral lines of Hitchcock, An
Hitchcock, Russell Snow 
9 S135 A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England showing three generations of those who cam before May 1692
James Savage 
10 S117 A genealogical register of the descendants in the male line of Robert Day of Hartford, Conn., who died in the year 1648..
George E. Day 
11 S187 A genealogy of the family of Mr. Samuel Stebbins, and Mrs. Hannah Stebbins, his wife : from the year 1707 to the year1771
Luke Stebbins 
12 S111 A genealogy of the Nye family
13 S153 A history and genealogy of the Comstock Family in America
John Adams Comstock 
14 S87 A history of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the times when and the people by whom it was settled, unsettled and resettled
George Sheldon 
15 S176 A Modern history of New London County, Connecticut
16 S138 A Potter-Richardson memorial : the ancestral lines of William W. Potter of Michigan, and his wife, Margaret (Richardson)
Doreen Potter Hanna 
17 S64 Alden genealogy
Violet Main Turner 
18 S124 Aldermans In America
William Alderman Parker 
19 S170 Alva Cook and Lydia Cooper : their ancestors and descendants
Maude N. Stockberger 
20 S78 Ancestors of Alden Smith Swan and his wife Mary Althea Farwell
Josephine C. Frost 
21 S106 Ancestory Chart by Jean Viets Highland
22 S142 Ancestry Trails
23 S141 Ancestry Trails
Warren, Ohio 
24 S6 Andrew Moore of Poquonock and Windsor, Conn., and his descendants
Moore, Horace L 
25 S68 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-2005
26 S85 Biographical review : this volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Hampden County, Massachusetts
Fred H Allis; Julius J Estey; L N Hawley; D Sherman; et al 
27 S46 Birth Records Trumbull County Ohio, 1867-1883
Trumbull Co. Ohio, Probate Judge 
28 S7 Birth Records, Trumbull County, Ohio 1884-1908 v. 3-4
Trumbull Co. Probate Court 
29 S15 Birth Records, Trumbull County, Ohio, 1874-1883
30 S203 Births, Deaths, Marriages, Intentions, 1774-1796, Town of West Springfield, Massachusetts
County Clerk 
31 S201 Blandford, Massachusetts Town & Vital Records
32 S42 Cape Cod Genealogies
33 S139 Catalogue of the names of the first puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut with the time of their arrival
R. R. Hinman 
34 S97 Cemetery inscription
35 S55 Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio
Lorain County Historical Society 
36 S190 Census of Pioneer Women of Trumbull County, Ohio Who Came To, or Were Born in the County Before 1850
Woman's Department, Cleveland Centennial Commission, compilers 
37 S180 Commemorative Biographical Record of Hartford County, Connecticut
38 S122 Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) - Stonington Vital Records 1658-1854
39 S35 Database of Illinois Death Certificates, 1916-1950
Illinois State Archives 
40 S188 Deacon George Clark(e) of Milford, Connecticut and some of his descendants
Bryant, George Clark 
41 S41 Death Certificate
42 S11 Death Records Trumbull County Ohio, v. 2 1874-1893,
Probate Judge 
43 S5 Death Records v. 1 1867-1874, Trumbull County Ohio
Probate Judge 
44 S30 Death Records, Trumbull County, v. 3, 1894-1908
Trumbull County Probate Court 
45 S128 Deerfield History 1799-1850, from Memorial to the Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve
Mrs. Charles Heber SMITH Chairman and Historian Deerfield committee - Mrs. E.M. DAY, Mrs. O.L. DIVER, Mrs. Frank HARTZELL 
46 S93 Descendants of John Owen of Windsor, Connecticut
Ralph Dornfeld Owen 
47 S152 Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson : typescript,
48 S89 Descendants of Samuel Morse of Worthington, Masssachusetts
Weeks, Harriet Morse, 
49 S147 Descendants of Thomas Horton of Springfield: and including some descendants of Phineas Pratt
Carl W. Fischer 
50 S116 Early days in New England : life and times of Henry Burt of Springfield and some of his descendants...
Henry Martyn Burt 
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